Rockstars Most Perplexing Backstage Demands (Tour Riders)

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So, say, you're a rock star with massive fame and most concert venues and promotors are more than willing to go through some mile of requests just to get you to come have a gig in their town, why not take advantage of all the things can make available for you? What would you ask for?

This is where tour riders are useful. Tour rider is basically a list of contract of which the artists lay-out their demands to the venues/promotors before they hit the stage. The contract list range from the necessary stage equipments, accomodations, preferred food, security needs, to some personal requests that are often bizarre.

Plenty of rockstars have created iconic tour riders that are quirky, strange, excessive, or difficult. Sometimes because it is created out of egoistical demands but sometimes they are also itentionally put in by the artists out of reason, some of this is to ensure that the promoter is paying attention to the rest of the rider.

What follows is some of the most interesting tour rider demands I came across. What do you think?


You've probably heard this before somewhere. Van Halen once requested a huge bowl of M&M's with all the brown ones spesifically removed. Although this demand seem ridiculous but Van Halen actually put this in to the list to make sure that the promoters pay really good attention through their rider requests that some of it includes complex technical stage set-up.


In the 80's, Morrissey took to demanding a live tree no higher than six feet and with a minimum height of three foot for all venues. Those days are over, though. Nowadays Morrissey only requests for a water, bread, orange juice, black tea, Duvel, and grapes.


The White Stripes has reportedly known to ask for a small children's piano in their dressing room.


The legend has long been one of the most outspoken vegetarians, so this should not come as a surprise. His rider list bans any meat by-products food and also practically anything with leathers, animal skins or animal prints within the backstage area. I guess, Gaga and her infamous meat-dress is totally banned too.


The band once specified bacon should be available for every meal of the day. They also specified that alcohols not to be served before or during the show. 


Back in the day, the Beastie Boys has been known to ask for a stock of "rainbow assortment of condoms" put in their dressing room.


The Scottish Post-Rockers, Mogwai, once requested a framed photograph of Princess Leia from Star Wars to be made available in their dressing room.


Prince insisted in his rider list that all food in his dressing room to be wrapped in clear plastic film and to be unwrapped by him only. 


According to The Little Red Riders Book, the lads include Special K. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, two cooked chickens, a novel of the venue’s choice, two cases of cider, and Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum in their rider list. Oh, and a novelty Yo-Yo.

Part 2 is coming, come around when I post it up if you're curious to know more.


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