Personal OOTD: Going Gothic with a Black Lace Tights

Outfit of the Day
Vivid Ribbon's Black Sheer Top
TOPSHOP's Under Top
Pleated Skirt (this is actually the uniform of every Thailand's national university)
Mum's Skinny Brown Belt
Forever 21 Black Lace Tights
Vincci's Wedges Boots

Today's outfit is heavily inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Gothic film, Rebecca, but I modified it in a more modern way. Yes, I've just watched it again for the second time yet still anesthesized by the film's eerie atmosphere! I did a review about it too, if you'd like to check it out, click here.

A black lace tights is perfect for a Gothic inspired looks. Or depends on however you syle them, it can also be made romantic, elegant, or sexy. They can be a bit loud because of the textures, make sure to balance them well with neautral or minimal combination that look a bit more concervative to tone down the "loud" statement. It is always best to dress-down when wearing lace tights because they can still seem a tad racy. A few good examples of combination to wear with your lace tights are: mini dresses with simple prints, chiffon tops, high-waisted skirts, romper, well-tailored blazer, or pullover sweaters. Or if you want to go for a little bit more edgy touch, vamp it out with a leather mini skirt or Doc Martens boots.

Good luck!


  1. Nice style dear <3
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