5 Celebrity Beauty Remedies And Why The Remedies Really Work


Victoria's Secret Angel and wife of actor Orlando Bloom says living a healthy, organic lifestyle is the secret to her flawless complexion. "I am an advocate for living a healthy and organic life and I have been modelling for over a decade," says Kerr. She is particularly keen to stay hydrated all the time by drinking a lot of water and keep a spray mist handy with her. She also relies on Rosehip Oil to benefit the condition of her skin and hair, reports Marie Claire.

Explanation: Rosehip Oil comes from the seeds of a wild rose bush and was used for years by the Inca population in their diet to treat diseases and for cosmetics reason. The oil contains over 500 natural ingredients that are valuable for skin cell regeneration and to repair damaged tissues.


After being named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire and voted #3 on Maxim's Hot 100 List, it's no secret that the beauty of the American-Ukrainian actress is being constantly recognized by the media. For her beauty remedy, besides eating healthy food, she told Borba in an interview that she always wash her face before going to bed and change her pillow cases regularly to prevent her face from acne and therefore results in a clear and flawless face. 

Explanation: Acne occurs when skin's sebum oils and dead skin cells clogged within the hair follicles. When the skin is exposed, it can met with dirt and other toxins from the atmosphere and those bacterias can survive for a long period of time on the surface of the skin. While the dirt itself is not the cause of acne however it can cause the oil buildup that can clogged to the face, that is why it is important to face wash and change the bed linens on a regular basis to removes portions of bacterias on the skin.


The recently nominated Golden Globe award for her perfomance in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo maintains her radiant face to SPF. She told Allure that she will never leave the house without SPF protection. 

Explanation: Excessive amounts of sun exposure contributes to fine lines and deep wrinkles within the skin by damaging the dermis of the skin and can also cause premature aging and skin cancer. SPF, or Sunburn Protection Factor refers to the universal measurement of a sunscreen power to protect against Ultraviolet Rays. By using products that contain SPF help to retain the healthy and youthful appereance within the surface layers of the skin.


The talented actress and Gucci commercial star attributes her glowing face skin to a lot of Olive Oil regime. "At night, I wipe my makeup off with olive oil and then put a hot towel on my face—it's my favorite part of the day. I also love using olive oil on my arms, legs, all over—I just slather it on and then soak in the bath or shower. Your skin feels so soft after that!" as she told Teen Vogue. Evan is also believes in the beauty benefits of physical exercise. She indulge in outdoor activities and lists practicing martial arts as one of her favorite hobbies, she even has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. 

Explanation: Olive Oil has been used as a remedy for skin care long since the ancient Greece era. It is the extracted oil from olives and retains all the vitamins and the nutrients in olives providing strong antioxigants with natural ability to stimulate cells that repair and renew skin to  healthier state. The antioxidants also work really well as moisturizers and helps regulate skin's sebum production.


The Ukrainian-American actress who received an Academy Award nomination for best perfomance for her role in "Up in the Air" found that occasional face facial is rewarding for her complexion. According to Marie Claire, she often visits The Arcona Studio in Santa Monica for exclusive Facial Contouring Treatment. 

Explanation: Facial Contouring is performed using an injectable fillers to restore and reshape obvious signs of facial aging. The injection works in the lower layer of the skin and helps to gradually stimulates collagen growth in treated areas.

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