Buke and Gase's General Dome (2013) Album Review

BUKE AND GASE are Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez, a Brooklynites duo who took their name from their use of own-fashioned musical instruments. Arone is noted to play on the Buke (a small self-modified six-string baritone ukulele) and Aron is noted for his use of Gase (his creation of a guitar-bass hybrid). They were signed to Brassland Record in 2009 after Aaron and Bryce Dessner from The National discovered them when Buke and Gase played in a basement venue just down the street from The National's home studio in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. 

Buke and Gase released their second full-length, General Dome on January 29th this year displaying 13-track of unique music production. All the tracks were self-mixed and has the Lo-Fi quality that accentuates Buke and Gase’s edgy organic tone.

General Dome is seasoned with improvisational sound textures of hooks and riffs. The duo's various handmade instruments combine with pedals, amplifiers, and foot percussion creates refreshingly loose and rough flavor that offers a challenge but also approachable in its rhythm without too much self-righteousness.

The album lead-single, "Houdini Crush" is a great introduction to the album with the loud sound texture and Shoegaze driven mood combine with Aron's engaging vocal that add the Pop-ish flavor into it. The second track, "Hiccup" also a notable example that characterize General Dome where the instrument is intricately structured with chaotic and textured hook and riffs and serves with Aron's sweetness vocal that pleasantly contrasts the grit of the instrumental edginess. Most of Buke and Gase's songs are built this way. Throughout General Dome, Buke and Gase is able to showcase their musical ability to the next level, allowing them to get creative and experimenting with the sound just riding and swirling around above Aron's melodic vocal lines balancing both chaotic and control. Buke and Gase found their way to push the musical boundaries but still manages to sound playful and approachable with their own-fashioned vibe.

Favorite Tracks: Houdini Crush, Hiccups, Hard Times, My Best Andre Shot
My rate: 7.5 / 10





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