What is a Beauty Blog? (and a local beauty blog review + its giveaway)

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Heard of a Beauty Blog before? I'm quite sure most answer would be a "Yes". 

Beauty blogging has taken a huge leaps in the past few years with countless blogs mushrooming all over the internet. So, what is it? A beauty blog is a niche blog about things that are related to beauty. The author would post a variety of beauty related topics: a how-to-do to demonstrate to their readers who may not have the prior skill to apply makeup, a cosmetic product review to help their readers into choosing a good products without having to guess and hope that the product will be good, and also write beauty tips and remedies for the "beauty edu-tainment". Beside getting an inner satisfation from helping others, a beauty blogger also can gain the author's career opportunities in the beauty industries and as for the readers, the advantage is that it can help them evolve their knowledge and skills on makeup / skincare.

What makes a beauty blog is more popular than a commercialized beauty magazine is that a beauty blog carries the opinions of an average individual rather than celebrities. Most of the time, we couldn’t really rely on celebrity spokespeople to tell the truth about the products since they are paid-to for advertising purposes from cosmetics brands which then may make their voice biased. This is where beauty bloggers stands,- they give their genuine thoughts and gain credibility from the experience of using the products themselves.

Just a few days ago, I've stumbled upon a local beauty blog based in Indonesia, Pygmalion Land, which is a somewhat, rarity in the local blog scene. I'm excited about the blog because reading beauty blogs not based in Indonesia, the products mentioned is often not available in my country, however reading a local beauty blog is a different story since it  must have a certain avantage for the locals like myself, such as I can find the products mentioned easily and it will always be available for me to buy. 

Pygmalion Land is authored by Meilani Chow, often calls herself by the initial "M" in most of her posts, a Graphic Designer and also a DKV Lecturer at a private university. The blog contains travel and culinary journals too as it seems to be the author's interest aswell but beauty journal is the primarily topic in Pygmalion Land. "M" tested out many of the products herself including plenty of local products, which I think is great to also promotes local's best products to gain the raves it deserves. I learned one and a few things from reading her blog, for example in her "Lens Puffy 3 Tones Blue Reviewed" which she tested out a blue colour circle lenses. I have always interested in trying blue colour lenses but have always doubt about wearing it since I am a Southeast Asian where brown colour being the majority of the original eye colour for Southeast Asians. It is not often to find a Southeast Asian with a different eye colour other than brown except when they are mixed with other blood outside of Southeast Asia, and that brings me to my own conclusion that to even try wearing blue lenses probably will make me look odd. This conclusion changed when I saw her post and saw the blue colour lenses on herself actually looks nice and wearable even for the Southeast Asians.

At the time of me discovering the blog, Pygmalion Land is sponsoring a huge giveaway to celebrate the blog's growth. Offering plenty of beauty related prizes for the local readers. I thought, how nice. Engaging with audience is important aswell as "thanking" the readers is also a way to integrate bloggers into their marketing mix. Giveaway is a good way to earn a bit of credits for both the sponsored and the readers, afterall it takes so much time and effort for the author to pull together even the most simple post and at the same time the readers get to have freebies as a "hello" and "thank you" way from the author for both the new readers and the loyal readers of the blog.

Click here to go right ahead to Pygmalion Land's giveaway.


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