The Porno's Debut Album Review, Subliminal (2009)

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THE PORNO are a four-piece band hailing from the suburbs of Bekasi, Indonesia formed in 2004. But without this prior knowledge you could mistaken them as the band from an era of early Post-Punk deceived by their sound style. The Porno features the talents of Daniel Hangga Birawa (Vocal), Novianto Ariprabowo (Drum), Yanu Fuadi (Bass), and Pandu Fathoni (Guitar). These childhood friends draw inspiration from a large variety Post-Punk bands with the likes of Joy Division, early The Cure, Bauhaus and drawing comparisons to newer bands like Interpol. Infact, The Porno got its name from Interpol's very own "NYC" lyrics, "Subway she is a porno.."

In November 26th 2009, The Porno nationally released their debut full-length, Subliminal, under Sinjitos Records. While the band isn't doing anything entirely new with the sound, but their take on Post-Punk is a breathe of fresh air and a huge start for any up-and-comer for the revival of the genre especially in the local region with electronic music and boy bands becoming more popular.

With Subliminal, The Porno delivers an album where the tracks works around noisy build-up, being driven by crunchy bassline, constant drumming and distorted guitar favoring catchy hooks and the singer's vocal. The band rips the dark atmosphere through the eight tracks on the album adding a nostalgia of Joy Division while creating a niche and momentum of themselves. At the very core, Subliminal isn't a cookie-cutter manufactured material of music we know today.

Favorite tracks: Premature, Control, Introvert
My rate: 8 / 10 
Check out their official MySpace here.

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