Delicious, Penang's Latest Urban Cafe

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3C-G-3 & 3A, Ground Floor Straits QuayTanjong Tokong, Penang Island, Malaysia

DELICIOUS is Penang's latest urban cafe popularized by its clean yet inviting white and turquoise theme and bird cages as their icon.

Delicious's interior is done in a contemporary style with the dominate colour of white and turqoise. The place is huge with all table evenly spaced out and is divided into three sections: dining area, lounge area, and private rooms. The ambience is friendly with dozen of hanging decorative bird cage and occasional flowery-patterned furniture decorated the restaurant. A fridge that host many types of cakes and deserts stood beside the cashier making a nice display.

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The selection of menu include light teatime snack, western and local favorites. There is a little bit of something for everybody here: salads, sandwiches, pastas, range from Western to Asian main dishes.
I started with Caesar Salad (RM22.90) shared with my friends that came along with me. The Caesar Salad came with the standard affairs ingredients, that is with Anchovies, Poached Eggs, Turkey Bacon and Parmesan Cheese.
Main Dish
I ordered the Aglio Olio Pasta with Shiitake Mushroom and Sun-dried Tomato (RM15.90) for the main dish. I have no major complain about my pasta since Aglio Olio has been my personal favorite, and this one taste moderately nice although not particulary striking. I didn't wait too long for my food to arrived and it arrived hot and Delicious is generous with the size aswell with plenty of mushrooms and sun-dried served on the plate.
We finished off lunch with desert orders from the fridge that make the display beside the cashier - a dozen of tiny colourful Macarons in different flavours. All of which was good and not over-sweetened.

Service is efficient, I was greeted upon arrival and lead to my table, but the waitress was a little bit unfriendly from their lack of enthusiasm. Not all the food are up to my expectations, however Delicious has a good atmosphere. Prices is on the higher side, but it is a decent choice for special occasions. They offered free water which many food outlets are charging, so it is a plus.

Ambience: 8.5 / 10
Food: 9 / 10
Service: 7 / 10

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