Everything Everything's Arc (2013) Album Review

The Mancunian Indie Pop quartet, EVERYTHING EVERYTHING, just released their second studio album, Arc following their acclaimed debut album, Man Alive which received Mercury Award nomination but was beaten my Alt-J's An Awesome Wave.

Arc deliver a thrilling and loud Electro-Pop mash musicality with something to say behind their bombastic riffs. Every track is full of contemporary critique of socio-political or about the influences and perceptions of culture beneath the layer after layer of their catchy instrumental complexity. 

Best described in the album's lead single "Cough Cough" is about society's mindless money lust, "Sold your liver, but you still feel in the red," and a response to the 2011 riots, the track begin with rolling drums that is rather empty before exploding their riffs with layers of electronic synths and drum centric beats. It's an attention grabber. Then comes the second lead single "Kemosabe" that opens with almost the same synths that would later builds itself into Jonathan Higg, the vocalist's fine falsetto soaring a chorus that echoes over twinkling keyboard. Third track in the album, "Torso Of The Week" with the uneasy tonality of Higg, in reminiscent of Radiohead's very own Thom Yorke. "Duet" follows chnging the vibe in a resrained ballad and string section. Next track "Choice Mountain" with the transcedental chords and then "Feet to Hands" in danceable drum beats and occasional vibrant guitar notes, "Radiant" with the uplifting melody. From then on until the finale of the tracks, Everything Everything shows off their ability to create a band people will want to listen to and still be taken seriously in the same time.

Arc have received plenty of high praise from the critics aswell as commercial success because it maintains interest throughout that is engaging enough to keep the listeners happy aswell as ensuring their songwritings is equally cohesive. As a result, this is likely to be one of -the- albums of 2013.

Favorite Tracks: Kemosabe, Cough Cough, Feet for Hands, Radiant

My rate: 8 / 10


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